jeff bezos says space travel is necessary because we are destroying planet

Jeff Bezos Says Space Travel Is Necessary Because We Are Destroying Planet


When it comes to tech entrepreneurs, many are adding great things to this world with their excellent work. However, very few are visionary entrepreneurs who want to change this world for a better. Jeff Bezos is one of those billionaires who intends to use the latest technology for the betterment of society. Jeff is planning to build space colonization from a long time because according to him that’s going to save us. In a recent interview, Jeff was asked about his vision behind his space travelling company Blue Origin.

While answering, he said we as human beings are destroying this planet and thus space colonization is far more critical for our survival. Bezos is planning to put people on the moon by the end of 2024 with the help of his company Blue Origin. He recently launched his plan of Blue Moon Lander and hope it would bring lots of functional changes for space travelling. Jeff said that instead of abandoning our planet, we could shift most of our resources to space.

Space colonization is a topic of discussion among tech billionaires because some are in favour of it, and many are not. Jeff said that we humans are witnessing things like climate change and many other environmental issues. According to him in one way we are destroying the only planet on which we so far have survived. He thinks we could move large polluting industries like manufacturing to space, which will ultimately help us to maintain the right environment. Space colonization might be fascinating, but it has certain limitations. Elon Musk, who is also a visionary entrepreneur, have a different opinion about it. Musk thinks Jeff is overlooking at the situation of space travel because it’s not that easy. He even ridiculed his idea of creating a space colony because Musk thinks currently it’s not possible.