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The Industrial Reports is a blend of its own team and a number of contributors. We work with contributors who trust on their potentials to initiate a new era through authentic reporting. If you are passionate about the journalism and news industry, you are free to join our team. You will definitely enjoy working with our highly professional team while exposing your content to thousands of eyes. With our core values of superior content and unbiased reporting, we are looking forward to good relationships with our readers. The most important concern is you should be spirited towards reality checking and news writing.
If you wish to join us and want to become a media journalist, we are always happy to have contributors like you on our side. We will provide proper guidance assisting you to become a contributor at [ Website Name]. There are some criteria framed by our organization for this profile. You are required to fit in the frame. Following are some guidelines we recommend to follow.

1) The word limit of news content is 350 words; the limit may be exceeded up to 400 or more words.

2) The news should be from reliable and truthful news sources.

3) Original news content is a must, thus we expect a non-copied and non-plagiarised content.

4) The word count may be exceeded only if the content is not covered in the given word limit.

5) Consistency and readability should be maintained in the content of the article.

Last but not least, writing a readable content does not mean a low-quality content with grammatical mistakes. Thus, we suggest providing a properly furnished content from our contributors.